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La La Land

After ten days of house arrest thanks to this stupid chest congestion and infection, I finally went out today. Of course I had to throw a mini tantrum to do it and the hubby said it had to be somewhere airtight and wind-less. So we chose to see a movie. A movie I’d been dying to see for over a month…in fact, it was supposed to be my birthday treat to myself and then my Valentine’s date with myself, but neither happened because the first time round, I was leaving for Delhi the next day and for V Day, of course, I was busy trying to keep my lungs in my chest.

It was beyond beautiful. It exceeded all my expectations and then some. My husband and I were transfixed and rendered speechless while the credits rolled.

So obviously all I am doing now is listening to the music on loop. I feel like a helium balloon…no, I feel like the house in “Up” being carried away by thousands of colourful, helium balloons. I feel light on my feet, my insides are bursting with the feels and what can only be my spirit, is welling, soaring, singing and sighing.

The charm and magic of the music has not escaped by boys, 13 and 10. They’re studying for their finals now, but they keep getting lured by this siren music. The younger one sidles up to me, text book in hand and says, “Mamma, can you keep playing that music while I study? It’s relaxing and in my head now.”

The older one comes out from his room and says, “This music Mamma…it’s beautiful! It ¬†makes me feel all warm inside, like the soundtrack of ‘Amelie’. It’s just…” and he moves his arms, looking towards the ceiling, as if he were going to start dancing on air.

Like the planetarium scene in the movie…sigh!

The best thing that was said? When I played the Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone duet, “City of Stars”, before everything else and he said, “What song is that and who’s singing it, Mamma? She sounds just like you!”

If I hadn’t lost my voice, you can bet I’d be singing now!



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