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There is a wonderful online portal that discusses relationships called Their tag line is “Real Couples. Real Conversations.” And in keeping with the “Make in India” times of our country, this website is a product of a smart, savvy, homegrown bunch, all from apna desh.

Why this intriguing name? Well, bonobos, also known as pygmy chimpanzees, are our closest living relatives. They, along with their cousins, the chimpanzees, share a whopping 99% of our DNA! They show characteristics of empathy, patience and altruism. They are kind and sensitive, but are also capable of getting aggressive too. When it comes to sex, they are the only non-human animal to engage in tongue kissing, oral sex and face-to-face coitus. But that’s where the similarity ends, because other than those few moves…well, let’s just say that it’s a never-ending Carnavale de Rio meets Mardi Gras meets Navratri Dandiya with multiple orgies thrown in for good measure. explores the dynamics of relationships in this ever-changing, fast-paced life of ours, the good, the bad, the funny, the ugly and the dark. They also have an impressive line-up of doctors and experts who write articles and even address questions sent in by the readers.

I’ve been invited to write for the portal and am sharing the first few that have been posted on their site. I look forward to writing more which I will share on my blog as well.

I hope you enjoy reading these reviews and articles. The first is a review of Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni’s best-selling “The Palace of Illusions”, the second is a review of Sharanya Manivannan’s highly acclaimed, “The High Priestess Never Marries” and the third is a piece about a wife’s realisation about her husband’s deep love for her after many years of marriage.


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