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The Book Tag

Considering that part of my blog name, here in WordPress, has something to do with books, I don’t really end up writing too much about books, do I? (Alright! Alright! I know! I know! I don’t end up writing much at all…period!)

Anyway, what better way to rectify this lapse than a book tag?!

There’s a tag that’s all the rage on FB right now where I’m supposed to list ten books that left an impression on me and then tag ten people in return.

My friends Monika Manchanda, Bali Sanghvi, Tripta Roy and Devdan Chaudhuri tagged me. Taking a cue from Monika, I have turned this into a blogpost 😄 What a clever idea, Monsie!

So, here goes, in random order:

1) The Harry Potter series: J.K. Rowling
2) The Mahabharata: Ved Vyas (various versions including ACK & Rajagopalachari)
3) The God of Small Things: Arundhati Roy
4) Those Days: Sunil Gangopadhyay (“Sei Shomoy”, translated by Aruna Chakraborty)
5) Chowringhee: Shankar (translated by Arunava Sinha)
6) Le Petit Prince: Antoine de Saint-Exupery
7) Chicken Soup for the Soul (specifically the first one I ever read)
8) A Streetcar Named Desire: Tennessee Williams
9) Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf: Edward Albee
10) poetry by Tagore, T. S. Eliot, Pablo Neruda, Sylvia Plath, Anne Sexton, Sharanya Manivannan and Sumana Roy

I know I’ve got some plays and poets in the list, but then, this list wouldn’t be complete or true to the person I am, right? Some others that I was loathe to leave out:
*Pride and Prejudice
*To Kill a Mockingbird
*Acts of Faith
*The Kite Runner

I’ll do the tagging on FB, but those if you who stop by, do share some of your favourites with me 😃


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