When Memories Weep

Despite being born in New York and living there for a good part of my childhood; despite studying in Delhi for five years; despite now living in my city of origin, Kolkata, with my husband and two sons; I will always, ALWAYS, consider myself a Bangalore girl. No, it’s not Bengaluru for me; it’s Bangalore. My beloved Bangalore, my beloved Beantown.

I can close my eyes and see the familiar streets and smell the familiar aromas and hear the familiar sounds of my growing up years. City of first loves, kisses and heartbreaks. City of theatrical awakenings and classical dance feasts. Andhra biriyani, Mysore pak and filter coffee.

So many landmarks populate the landscape of my memories…

And today, two of my favourite, iconic places, are due to down their shutters and close forever — Gangaram’s and Casa Picola.

Gangaram’s Bookstore, standing straight and tall on M.G. Road, one of my all-time favourite hang-outs. Yes, true to my geek/nerd/introvert nature, my favourite hang-outs were, are and will always be, bookstores…after all, I am a bookworm, am I not? I could spend hours there, lost in a blissful state of happiness, browsing, reading, sighing, and occasionally, when my pocket-money allowed it, buying.

And Casa Picola in Devatha Plaza! Home of the Sloppy Joe and my must-have Salami Fritter! And the warm slice of marble cake with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream! Aaaah! My taste-buds are weeping…

as is my childhood :*(

Bangalore will never be the same again.

 image from: bengalurudiscount.com

Lasting imprint : A view of the restaurant. dh photos by manjunath m s image from: deccanherald.com




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4 responses to “When Memories Weep

  1. Sujoy

    Baabi..this is almost like a surreal black&white photography ensemble…loved it

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