Sing a Song of Me

Maybe I’ll paint my nails today.
Or go to the salon for some pampering.
Maybe I’ll wear a sari today,
with silver jewellery
and line my eyes
with kohl
and laughter.
Or maybe I’ll just stay in my pj’s
the whole day
with clouds of perfume
dancing above my head.

I’ll probably buy some chocolate
just for me
and eat it up whole —
every last smudge of it,
licking off the melty bits from the
shiny foil.
Maybe it’ll be Lindt.
Or Guylian.
Whichever one it is,
I’ll do it guilt-free.
I’ll do it for me.

Perhaps I’ll let the whole day slide away,
from one frame to the next,
minute by minute,
second by moment,
and I’ll just let the ironed clothes be,
leave the books open,
and not care if the wet towel’s on the bed.
As usual.

I won’t care.
I won’t.
I refuse to.

Maybe I’ll write poetry today.
Or read some at least.
Buy a book.
Or three.
And I’ll read them
all together,
skipping from page to page,
character to character,
author to author
while sipping on endless cups
of fragrant tea,
spiced with
and songs from the tea-gardens.

I’ll stand in front of the mirror,
and accept myself
and my body.

My body,
with thunder thighs
and lightning-streaked hair;
with gravity-loving breasts,
and dimpled cheeks
(of the derriere);
with those blasted hate-handles
that a pair of giant hands
can firmly clutch on to,
to lift me up and plant me down;
and that big mound
of quivering,
fatty tummy
slashed repeatedly with
white-hot stretch-marks.
I will
mourn the decade past,
when I was younger
and definitely beautiful,
but just didn’t have the wisdom to see it,
own it
and know it to be true.

I will not weep
at this new-found wisdom.

I will sing instead.
I will bow my head
in grace
and gratitude
and then look me in the eye
with love.

I will be

And I will sing.


I wrote this poem as part of the Women’s Web ‘Celebrating Myself’ contest for International Women’s Day. I hope you enjoyed this.

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69 responses to “Sing a Song of Me

  1. Tripta

    I love this. I can actually conjure up every scene described in this, and it makes me smile.
    And yes, you *should* do all of this one day!

  2. OMG!!! just HOW awesome ARE you?! 🙂 absolutely adore it! sharing it right away!!


  3. Enjoyed and lovvvved. Hugs 🙂

  4. Beautiful! 🙂 I need to paste this on my mirror..

  5. Loved this ode to womanhood, Bee!

  6. OMG!Its beautiful!!Loved it.. its like you are saying what I am thinking!!!

  7. Sutanuka Banerjee

    the song of experience…loud whistle….bravo

  8. This was simply simply marvellous!!! I can identify with it so totally, and I love the joy that is shining through each line! Wonderful.

  9. It’s lovely – and exactly as Dipali says – every line radiates joy. Wonderful anthem for vague women too 🙂

  10. Loved it M4! Just loved it.

  11. A friend

    Wow, how do you know what goes on in my mind everyday.. 🙂
    This is so beautiful and true.. and I can completely relate to it .. Thanks for penning it down…

    • I think every woman feels like this in some way or the other, if not in whole, in part. It’s time to put away the doubts and bring out the love. As Women’s Web is saying so beautifully, it’s time to celebrate me (us)!

      Thank you for reading and enjoying this.

  12. Hey, how perfectly you reflected my mood!! I would say all this in my mind but could never put it down with pen on paper so beautifully!
    How I agree! Yes, let’s me be “ME”!! Let’s all of us be just “US”. Not to be weighed, calibrated, designated by no one else but me!! And enjoy being myself!
    Thanks for bringing it out so well!

    • You’ve just said it so beautifully yourself…”Not to be weighed, calibrated, designated by no one else but me!” This is just what I was saying except I took the longer road 🙂

      Thank you for reading and enjoying this.

  13. deepti

    Loved it……

  14. Rhea

    every woman/lady/girl can visualise this as they read it! 🙂 made me s.m.i.l.e! thank you! you’re beautiful, in your own way! 🙂

  15. speechless, bee! not only is it exquisite, it is everywoman’s song. loved, loved, loved it!

  16. Beautifully done. I enjoyed every single stanza and actually hummed along… very dil se, very you. Kudos! 😀

  17. OMG OMG OMG Di. This is wonderful. May I please please share it?


  18. Nitya

    How I loved this Bee…the words feel like a warm embrace.

    Thank you *bows head* . you made me happy.

  19. Absolutely amazing. Felt like I was reading my own thoughts (though they are no way as clear as yours!!).

  20. loved loved loved this one 🙂 you are a super talented writer 🙂

  21. Its beautiful! Its something that I have often wanted to say to myself!! It has made my day!

  22. An ode to self- a celebration indeed !! LOVE it and just rock on !

  23. Beautiful, totally loved it 🙂 and all the best, I hope you win the contest!

  24. Thoroughly loved reading it!! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  25. Beautiful!! Loved this, Chocoholic-bookworm!! Cheers!

  26. Hey, there! Came here from Mad Momma’s blog.

    LOVED this poem. Could relate to every bit of it. 🙂

    • Thank you for dropping by! I absolutely LOVE the Mad Momma and I’m honoured that you came here from there 🙂

      I’m so glad that you could relate to this. I hoped that everyone would in some measure or the other.

  27. Beautifully written as if tailor made to compliment every woman who reads this !!

  28. A beautiful poem that resonates so well with every woman…..more so for moms 🙂

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