Book Give-away: Kiran Manral’s ‘The Reluctant Detective’


Okay word lovers, back today as promised!

Unless you’ve been holidaying on a romantic, remote island with zero Internet facilities (in which case I envy you!), I’m sure you’ve all heard that our very own, our wildly wonderful, witty and popular blogger Lady Kay – or Kiran Manral, as she is also known :–p – has finally written a book! Yaaayyy! This has been a long time coming, but “The Reluctant Detective” has been worth the wait. A quick, easy, breezy read, is replete with Kiran’s trademark sardonic humour and wacky but oh-oh-true observations on the people who inhabit our world.

The story revolves around 30-something Kanan Mehta, Kay to her friends, a mommy of-one, tackling issues that I and countless women the world over, are only too familiar with – grumpy spouse; tantrum-throwing, junk-food loving child(ren); the battle of the bulge and of course, the most difficult one of them all – what do I wear today? When Kay stumbles upon two corpses in her neighbourhood, one after the other, she gets pulled into detective work, albeit reluctantly, to douse the fires of her curiosity – and of course to make sure the guilty are punished. As the blurb says, this book is a ‘hilarious account of how not to get involved in other people’s murder’ and you need to pick it up now.

If you haven’t read it yet, then I am going to make it fun for you to get one absolutely free – and signed by the author herself! All you have to do is answer the following questions:

1)      Where did I finish reading more than half the book at one go? (Hint: the protagonist would be very proud indeed!)

2)      What kind of an adventure would you like to see Kanan Mehta embark upon next?

3)      And finally, what profession would you be absolutely reluctant to pursue and why?

To make this even more fun, the winner will not only get a signed copy of ‘The Reluctant Detective’ but another surprise as well!

So, spread the word and let’s have some wacky answers here!

Winners will be announced on February 15th 🙂



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16 responses to “Book Give-away: Kiran Manral’s ‘The Reluctant Detective’

  1. Shankari

    While dropping/ picking up the kids from school or other activities??
    I’d like her to write something which involves a madcap market setting, maybe a mall, maybe just a traditional market.
    I would like most professions ‘cuz there’s an upside to all the downs. But for all the ‘being on the move’, I’d hate to be a driver and have to be at someone’s beck and call and wait, wait, wait. 😦

  2. Have heard so much about this book, I guess i should find a copy to read asap…

  3. Fun blog – looking forward to book reviews and other recommendations from you :).

    I have heard about this book but its not available here in US….not sure if I even qualify to enter this one, but even if I don’t, I’ll answer the questions :):
    1) On your bed ?
    2) Some travel adventure/mystery
    3) A politician – so much manipulation and lies.

  4. Meera

    1. On the pot? 😀
    2. Unravel a kidnapping case
    3. Sales – I hate it when people slam phones down during a sales pitch or walk away ignoring the poor salesman. I politely tell them “sorry-i am not interested.” Poor things are just doing their job. I don’t ever want to be in their shoes!

  5. Meera

    YAAAY!! I am the very first one to comment on your new blog 🙂 Don’t I deserve the prize 😉

    All the very best on this blog. I am a silent reader of


    • Why a silent reader, Meera? I’d love you to shout out a hello every now and then and to tell me what you think 🙂

      Thank you for participating! As I’ve just gotten the ball rolling on this blog, maybe one of my future contests can have an early-bird prize. Do keep in touch!

  6. 1) In the kitchen while pretending to cook and then secretly ordering food from a restaurant.

    2) Find out how there’s always someone recording stuff the whole world wants to see? Politicians caught watching documentaries on the female anatomy, Harbhajan mildly caressing Sreesanth’s cheeks, Babas caught giving private lessons to their female disciples with 100% involvement.

    3) A bungee cord tester. The bones I would be breaking. That’s why.

  7. Ummm …let’s guess:
    1. In the car as soon as you bought the book and opened it f or the first time …
    2. Next adventure: goes to meet a client at a restaurant where a Food Festival is about to begin, and is somehow mistaken for the chef who was being flown in form the state whose cuisine is featured in the food festival (when she actually hates cooking and just barely manages to feed her family)
    3. I’d hate ANY job where I had to punch a clock day after day after day … the best way to send me completely bonkers!

  8. Radhika Seth

    1) Where did I finish reading more than half the book at one go? (Hint: the protagonist would be very proud indeed!)

    While having sex!!! If hubby can watch the telly, I can read my book! nyahahahhahaha!!!!

    2) What kind of an adventure would you like to see Kanan Mehta embark upon next?

    Unravel the mystery behind the new ‘diet clinic’ opened up in the neighborhood, Ladies are thronging, loosing weight but with a twist to the tale…..they are genetically altered with horrid side effects!

    finally establish that nothing like a good old exercise and balanced meals can do the trick!

    3) And finally, what profession would you be absolutely reluctant to pursue and why?

    The thankless profession of being just a housewife…unpaid vacations, no escape for ‘me time’ and forever missing deadlines!!!

  9. B my darling I actually read most of the book in the kitchen while cooking yakhni pulao .

    I’d like her to get lost in ISRO and do something totally like her

    I’d hate to be a detective – too much brain and footwork.

    And yes I do have a copy.

  10. Monika Agarwal

    Congrats on the new blog…….looks really good 🙂
    Here are my answers 🙂
    1) At a boring party 🙂
    2) Adventure on bringing to light a “Fake Medicine Manufacturing Mafia”
    3) Lawyers- where personal ethics are pitted against business ethics!! I wonder how they manage that!!

  11. Kiran Manral

    Loved the replies, loved the suggestions. The pot and the ISRO made me laugh out loud, but like all good contests, this had to come to an end and there can be but one winner. So, the winner to this one is Radhika Seth. Please mail me an India address where I can have your signed copy sent to at kiranmanral at gmail dot com.

    And for those who would like to try their luck again, there are ten signed copies up for grabs at my blog here.

  12. Well, ladies and sole gent, there you have it — the winner as chosen by the lovely author herself!

    Congratulations Radhika! I’ll be needing your address as well to send you the ‘surprise’ component of the give-away 🙂

    I have to say, I loved everyone’s answers especially your ideas about what Kay’s next adventure should be.

    And for the record, nobody guessed the right answer to question number one — I was actually at a salon! I did say the protagonist would be proud 😀

  13. Radhika Seth

    Yipee DOOOOO!!!!!!! well played folks, but like Kiran says, I’ve won me a signed copy of the book!!!!! Love it love it love it!!!!!

    K & B mailing you my address!!!!

    Many thanks once again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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